Business Benefits

more than you think

Reputation & image

retain and attract staff and customers

Improve quality,
reduce risk

people, supply chains

Stay informed

anticipate regulation, find advantage

Customer & employee engagement​

build your innovation engine

Cost savings

reduce waste, boost productivity

Innovate & collaborate

find product and market development opportunities

Reputation & Image

Sustain and increase trust & engagement with customers and staff by genuinely becoming more sustainable. This will enhance and grow your reputation as a good businesses.  To work with, and work for.

What Customers Say ⇾

Customer & employee engagement

Our own research shows that 87% of Business to Business customers are asking suppliers for evidence of their sustainability.
71% of employees are asking if they can introduce sustainability initiatives.
Customers and Investors are choosing businesses clearly taking a positive approach to the agenda, ahead of those treating it as a necessary evil.

What We Do ⇾

Cost savings

Increasing your sustainability will save costs and create value. If you do it well.
Some of the biggest gains measured have come from reducing operating costs (e.g. 400% ROI over 10 years).
The cost of customer and employee recruitment and replacement is another major cost saving target for many.

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Improve quality, reduce risk

As well as reputation, there are many potential operational disruptions from climate events e.g. flooding,. Anyone with a current or future investment need, should be prepared to have their sustainability credentials examined.

Our framework gives a simple and rapid way to identify potential risks from environmental, social and economic trends and events.

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Innovate & collaborate

The range of opportunities is vast. Examples from our clients include:

  • attract the best people
  • save costs through better natural resource
  • management
  • lead your market and industry on sustainability.

Choose initiatives that will create value and ‘X’ your positive impacts on people, planet and prosperity.

See Our Sustainability model ⇾

Stay informed

Everyone has to adapt to new regulations. Being ready and more adaptable can be a source of competitive advantage.
Local and global pressure on getting to ‘net zero, tackling inequality, reducing poverty and hunger, eliminating pollution from land and water – more legislation is inevitable.
Know your impacts and proactively manage them in a positive direction. Gain a competitive edge when legislation is tabled.

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