Our Impact

Sustainability impacts overview

Our biggest impact is from maximising the positive impacts our clients make.
We amplify our own impact through:

  • Educating people on sustainability
  • Promoting business sustainability as good business
  • Sharing good ideas and practice

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How we measure impact progress:

  • Number of people completed
  • Sustainable XTM
  • Basecamp workshop
  • Voluntary education hours by our people
  • Downloads of school sustainability learning modules
  • Client / partner education talks or webinar

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We measure from agreed action plans:

Innovation & collaboration

What we measure:

  • Number of spotlight promotions made
  • Collaboration platforms adopted and in use internally
  • Innovation actions in client agreed plans
  • Partnerships that promote business sustainability

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We measure:

  • Number of businesses started measuring carbon footprint
  • Staff and associates with premises on renewable tariffs
  • Percentage of workshops delivery virtually
  • Business and employee carbon footprints

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January 2020
First client to achieve Summit certification

December 2020
Sustainable XTM promotional campaign launch

November  2020
Hitting 100 voluntary education hours

November 2020
Hitting 100 business sustainability training hours

Priority objectives remaining for 20/21

Launching business sustainability modules as free primary and secondary school teacher support in February 2021
Putting the spotlight on 8 sustainability initiatives worthy of sharing by March 2021
Fulfilling our 3% of sales spent on environmental & social initiatives commitment in March 2021

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