Our Impacts

Sustainability impacts overview

Our biggest impact is from maximising the positive impacts our clients make.
We amplify our own impact through:

  • Educating people on sustainability
  • Promoting business sustainability as good business
  • Sharing good ideas and practice

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How we measure impact progress:

  • Number of people completed
  • Sustainable X™
  • Basecamp workshop
  • Voluntary education hours by our people
  • Downloads of school sustainability learning modules
  • Client / partner education talks or webinar

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We measure from agreed action plans:

Innovation & collaboration

What we measure:

  • Number of spotlight promotions made
  • Collaboration platforms adopted and in use internally
  • Innovation actions in client agreed plans
  • Partnerships that promote business sustainability

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We measure:

  • Number of businesses started measuring carbon footprint
  • Staff and associates with premises on renewable tariffs
  • Percentage of workshops delivered virtually
  • Business and employee carbon footprints

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January 2020
First client to achieve Summit certification

December 2020
Sustainable X™ promotional campaign launch

November  2020
Hitting 100 voluntary education hours

November 2020
Hitting 100 business sustainability training hours

Priority objectives remaining for 20/21

Launching business sustainability modules as free primary and secondary school teacher support in February 2021
Putting the spotlight on 8 sustainability initiatives worthy of sharing by March 2021
Fulfilling our 3% of sales spent on environmental & social initiatives commitment in March 2021

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