Supply Chain

Engage your supply chain for greater sustainability for all.

A more sustainable supply chain

For many organisations, the bulk of their environmental and social impacts are in their supply chains. Progressively establishing these impacts and addressing them through different tiers is often a significant undertaking.

Sustainable X helps organisation plan the process and progressively engage their suppliers without creating a commercial disadvantage for themselves.

Improving supply chain sustainability

Our work in this area frequently starts with preparation work to align the supply chain activity with the wider corporate pillars and themes. The existing supplier management practices and systems are considered to identify what data and contacts are already available.

This service is tailored to your business model and organisation structure. A typical project would achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Key supply chain stakeholders engaged with identifying, categorising and defining supply chain sustainability impact areas.
  2. Align with business sustainability priority themes and goals, and relevant frameworks e.g. GRI, SASB.
  3. Develop associated performance indicators.
  4. Create strategy and action plan.
  5. Support development of targets and associated improvement initiatives.

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