People Plans

Engage and develop your people to create lasting impact.

To turn your sustainability goals into actions and create lasting impact you need to engage and develop your people. There are many elements to doing this well, all of which fall into the ‘good business’ bracket as well improving your impact.

The fundamentals of a sustainable people plan

Have you got authentic and clear purpose and valued behaviours as an organisation? Are they built onto performance metrics, reviews and colleague feedback?

With 85% of CEOs believing an unhealthy culture leads to unhealthy behaviour, it is important to be able to define what you want it to be and then measure how it’s going.

Sustainable X can support you in both deifying them through a workshop or series of workshops across your business. We can then create and deliver a culture check survey to provide valuable ongoing feedback.

Regardless of your perspective and progress on purpose and values, sustainable success needs good people systems and metrics. For example:

  • Do you track, benchmark and act on involuntary employee turnover by role, region etc?
  • Do your systems measure and enable equal workplace opportunity and development opportunities?
  • Are formal and informal colleague feedback systems in place and used?
  • Are your health and wellbeing metrics tracking in the right direction?
  • Are human rights respected in your supply chains right through to raw material extraction?
  • Do you have and track training and development investment by employee role and seniority?

Right people in the right seats

Recent LinkedIn data shows skillsets for jobs have changed by around 25% since 2015. By 2027, this number is expected to double. Assessing and predicting your skills requirements and gaps for the next five years is a valuable exercise, particularly with respect to succession.

Sustainable X can support you with developing the sustainability skills you will need. Whether that’s coaching and mentoring of existing people, interim roles, contract or permanent recruitment.

Your benefit from our sustainability expertise by:

  • Getting clear job objective and output expectations.
  • Having a technical review of candidates.
  • Making onboarding fast and effective to get early value from new recruits.
  • Setting people up to succeed.

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