Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing

For many of our customers this is a big deal, and we have seen lots of good practice in place.

Instinctively people think of health insurance and physical health, and mental health is rapidly moving up the agenda. These are important aspects, and everything interacts to create wellbeing. Undervalued impacts actually come from the quality of the work…

Good work

Good management, career progression opportunities, fair pay and benefits are critical to supporting people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Get these things right and you will reap the productivity and profit regards of employing highly engaged people. The downsides of getting this wrong include high staff turnover, recruitment costs, lower customer satisfaction and retention, and the list goes on.

So why is this on the sustainability agenda? Because this is a major element of your social and economic impacts, and being highly productive and efficient reduces your environmental footprint.

People are your innovation engine

Going beyond the business as usual issues, people are your innovation engine. Keeping them in good shape helps put them in a good space to offer ideas to improve and develop the business, its products and services. Our workshops invariably generate innovation ideas, but the goal is to provide an agenda that has an X impact on your value achieved from innovation ideas for the long term.

Healthy working environment

Another big consideration is people’s working environment. One of our client during COVID did a remote workspace assessment for all their newly remote workers, and then did a milk-round with furniture and equipment to make them comfortable. Well received by the people on the receiving end, and reflected in the newly found remote efficiencies they have discovered. In manufacturing environments, big productivity gains have been achieved over the years by capturing and acting on employee ideas to improve the working environment.

Increasing legislation

This is an area that is already heavy with legislation, the most obvious being the Health & Safety at Work Act. The HSE guidance is ever evolving as the standards bar is raised across business sectors. More attention is certainly going in the direction of mental health, and increasingly encouraging businesses to actively measure their health impacts.

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