Ethics and Governance

Ethics and governance

Purpose led businesses reliably outperform their peers financially according to studies by Gallup and McKinsey. The corporate governance and business ethics failure associated with the last global financial crisis have reinforced the need for better ethics and governance in businesses.

Good governance strikes a good balance between economic, social and environmental goals. It will also encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources. Striking a balance between short and long term business sustainability.

Understand your stakeholders

A key enabler for being purpose driven and having good governance, is to have a clear understanding of the interests and drivers of your stakeholders. Only when all the key relationships of the business (with customers, employees, suppliers, distributors and the wider community) are fully developed, will long-term shareholder value be realised.

The business leadership should develop strong communication channels with all parties, understand their drivers, have and monitor associated performance and impact measurements.

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