Sustainability Poster competition winners

Sep 23, 2021

The future of sustainability is safe in these hands. Celebrating the winners of our recent Poster competition.

During the last lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic and over half term, we hosted a poster competition for UK primary school students. We asked them to come up with the best design around a message of ‘Sustainability’.

It was designed to be a fun, educational exercise for the students during lockdown and over a wet and windy half term. The 5 winners were given a voucher to chose from one of our Sustainable X clients, Curious Universe – Great value high quality books, stationery, gifts…,.




The response was overwhelming. We initially hoped that the topic would support schools with their curriculum on sustainability topics. It was also something for parents to encourage their children to do, that was not screen-based over the school holidays. We couldn’t believe the quantity and quality of the responses.

At Sustainable X have a keen interest in education of children and is one of our social impacts as a company. Initially sent to local Hertfordshire schools, near where we are based, and on social media platforms.




We were thrilled to see the awareness the children had on all sustainability topics. There were common themes on recycling and saving animals, but some covered off numerous sustainability themes, including wellbeing and equality.

There were hundreds of entries from all over the UK. We would like to thank all the schools that shared and joined in with our competition.

All evidence that our future of sustainability is safe in these young hands.

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