North Norfolk: Potential grant projects for businesses

Carbon Grants

  • Carbon Footprint
  • Energy review and action plan for medium and larger businesses

Lighting and equipment

  • LED lighting
  • Refrigeration units
  • Air Compressors
  • Extraction Systems
  • Fans and Pumps
  • Heating and Cooling Upgrades

Industrial Processes

  • Lean manufacturing Training/consultancy

Building improvements

  • Double and triple glazing
  • Roof, wall and floor insulation
  • Solar blinds
  • Advanced/beyond our Programme carbon reduction training/consultancy in reducing carbon
  • Insulated roller shutter doors
  • Draught proofing


  • Grant-funded Travel planning audit and consultancy
  • Vehicle fleet audit
  • New or improvements to cycle parking; facilities; showers; lockers.


  • Recycling solutions
  • Consultancy on compostable packaging replacement
  • Consultancy on reduction of single use packaging
  • Canning project to reduce food waste
  • Dinnerware and cutlery – reusable
  • Water saving equipment


  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Inclusion review
  • Biodiversity on site
  • Sustainability training for employees – work and home
  • Plant a pollinator garden
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