Sustainability & Environmental Days for 2024: A Business Guide

This year, we’re not just marking dates on a calendar; we’re sharing a series of sustainability and environmental awareness days that offer your business unique ways to show its commitment to the sustainability agenda.

Take a look – there might be a couple that are meaningful for your business. It’s not just good for the planet – it’s good for business too.

Customers today love brands that care about the environment. By getting involved with these awareness days, you’re not just doing your bit for the world; you’re building a brand that people trust and admire.

We have selected a series of important Sustainability and environmental dates for 2024, and we’ll tell you what they’re all about and how your business can be a part of them.

But thinking even wider…

How about launching a new eco-friendly product on Earth Day? Or kicking off a company recycling challenge on Global Recycling Day? These events are perfect times to launch new initiatives that will get people talking about your brand.

And what about your team? These days are a great chance to get everyone involved in something meaningful. Whether it’s a team clean-up day, a workshop on green living, or a fundraiser for a local environmental project, getting your team on board can make these events even more impactful.

See our list below on how your business can embed sustainability, into what you do, this year.


1-30 Jan Veganuary 2024 Encourage employees to participate in Veganuary by providing vegan meal options in the office.

Collaborate with vegan suppliers or restaurants to offer special discounts to customers during Veganuary.

24 Jan  International Day of Education 2024 Organise educational workshops for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Offer discounts or scholarships to customers who engage in educational activities related to your industry.

26 Jan  International Day of Clean Energy 2024 Promote the use of clean energy sources within your business operations.

Provide information to customers about the benefits of clean energy and how they can transition to it.

Ask employees about their Renewable energy situation at home. We have seen some businesses provide subsidies to encourage this.


2 Feb World Wetlands Day 2024  Raise awareness among employees about the importance of wetlands through informative sessions.

Support wetland conservation initiatives and educate customers about their significance.


1 Mar World Seagrass Day 2024 Partner with environmental organisations to support seagrass restoration projects.
3 Mar World Wildlife Day 2024 Organise wildlife conservation workshops or awareness sessions for employees.

Promote wildlife-friendly products and donate a portion of proceeds to wildlife conservation efforts.

8 Mar International Women’s Day 2024 Recognise and celebrate the achievements of women employees.

Promote gender diversity and support women-owned suppliers.

Join Local Women’s Day events.

18 Mar Global Recycling Day 2024 Organise recycling drives for employees and customers.

Highlight the use of recycled materials in your products.

21 Mar International Day of Forests 2024 Organise tree-planting activities for employees.

Offer discounts on eco-friendly forest-related products to customers.

22 Mar World Water Day 2024 Implement water-saving measures within your business.

Educate customers about water conservation and offer water-efficient products.

23 Mar Earth Hour 2024 Encourage employees to participate in Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights.

Promote energy-saving products to customers.

30 Mar International Day of Zero Waste 2024 Implement waste reduction strategies in your business operations.

Offer tips and discounts to customers for reducing waste at home.


1 Apr National Walk to Work Day 2024 Promote walking or cycling to work among employees.

Provide incentives or discounts to customers who choose eco-friendly commuting options.

7 Apr World Health Day  2024 Host Earth Day events for employees, such as eco-friendly workshops.

Launch eco-friendly products or services for customers on Earth Day.

21 Apr World Creativity and Innovation Day 2024 Encourage employees to participate in brainstorming sessions and creative problem-solving activities.

Launch an innovation challenge for customers, or students, inviting them to submit creative ideas for improving products or services.

22 Apr Earth Day 2024 Organise eco-friendly workplace initiatives, such as a “Green Office Challenge” for employees.

Offer promotions or discounts on sustainable products or services to customers on Earth Day.

24 Apr Stop Food Waste Day 2024 Educate employees on reducing food waste in the workplace.

Share food waste reduction tips with customers.

28 Apr World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2024 Ensure a safe working environment for employees.

Promote safety products and practices to customers.


1-31 May  No Mow May 2024 Promote wildlife-friendly gardening practices to employees and encourage them to participate in No Mow May.

Offer gardening workshops or products that support biodiversity to customers.

20 May World Bee Day 2024 Create bee-friendly environments on business premises, including planting bee-friendly flowers.

Educate customers about the importance of bees and support beekeeping initiatives.

20-26 May Water Saving Week 2024 Raise awareness among employees about water conservation practices.

Offer discounts on water-saving products and services to customers.

22 May  International Day for Biological Diversity 2024 Support biodiversity initiatives by creating green spaces on business premises.

Highlight products that contribute to biodiversity and offer discounts to customers.

25-2 June National Children’s Gardening Week 2024 Organise gardening activities or workshops for employees, especially those with families.

Offer children’s gardening kits or resources to customers, or schools,  during this week.


3 Jun World Bicycle Day 2024 Promote cycling to work among employees by providing bike racks and incentives.

Launch a Cycle to work Scheme.

Encourage customers to use bicycles for transportation by offering discounts on biking accessories.

5 Jun World Environment Day 2024 Host environmental awareness events for employees, such as eco-friendly DIY workshops.

Launch eco-friendly products or offer special promotions to customers on this day.

8 Jun World Oceans Day 2024 Organise a company day out which includes a beach clean-up.

Raise funds or awareness for ocean conservation and educate customers about ocean-friendly products.

8-16 Jun The Great Big Green Week 2024 Engage in sustainability-focused initiatives during this week, such as energy-saving campaigns for employees.

Invite customers to participate in eco-friendly challenges or offer green-themed products and discounts.

12 Jun World Day Against Child Labour 2024 Ensure ethical sourcing and fair labour practices in your supply chain.

Educate customers about your commitment to child labour-free products.

16 Jun World Refill Day 2024 Promote the use of refillable containers and products among employees.

Offer refill stations or discounts on refillable products to customers.

22 Jun World Rainforest Day 2024 Support rainforest conservation projects and educate employees about their importance.

Donate a portion of sales to rainforest protection initiatives or offer rainforest-themed products to customers.

27 Jun  Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day 2024 Collaborate with local small businesses and suppliers to promote economic sustainability.

Highlight and offer discounts on products from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to customers.


1-31 Jul  Plastic Free July 2024 Implement plastic reduction measures in your business operations.

Offer discounts on plastic-free products to customers.

15 Jul World Youth Skills Day 2024 Provide mentorship and skills development opportunities for young employees.

Offer skill-building workshops or courses to young customers.


TBC  National Allotments Week 2024 Encourage employees to participate in gardening and allotment activities.

Support community allotment projects and share gardening tips with customers.

2 Aug Earth Overshoot Day 2024 Calculate your Carbon footprint and take steps to reduce it.

Educate customers about ecological footprint and promote sustainable choices.

19 Aug World Humanitarian Day 2024 Engage in humanitarian initiatives, such as donations or volunteer work, involving employees.

Support charitable causes and encourage customers to participate through donations or purchases.


1-30 Sep Second Hand September 2024 Promote Charity shopping and the reuse of items among employees.

Consider your Circular economy strategy as a business.

1-30 Sep Organic September 2024 Use organic products in office cafeterias and promote organic farming practices.
Offer discounts on organic products to customers during September.
2-6 Sep Zero Waste Week 2024 Promote zero-waste practices among employees, such as using reusable containers.

Launch your Zero Waste Strategy.

Offer discounts on zero-waste products and promote waste reduction to customers.

5 Sep International Day of Charity 2024 Organise charity events or donation drives with the participation of employees.

Offer special promotions where a portion of sales goes to charity for customers.

8 Sep International Literacy Day  2024 Support literacy programs for employees who wish to improve their reading and writing skills.

Promote literacy and education through book donations or reading events for customers.

15 Sep World Clean up Day 2024 Organise clean-up activities in local communities with employee involvement.

Encourage customers to participate in clean-up efforts and provide eco-friendly cleaning products.

22 Sep World Car Free Day 2024 Encourage employees to use alternative transportation on this day.

Promote carpooling, public transportation, or cycling among customers on Car Free Day.

22 Sep World Rivers Day 2024 Support river conservation projects and educate employees about the importance of rivers.

Engage customers in river clean-up activities and offer river-themed products.

29 Sep International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste 2024 Implement food waste reduction measures in your business, such as composting.

Educate customers about food preservation techniques and offer discounts on products to reduce food waste.

TBC Great British Beach Clean 2024 Organise beach clean-up events along the British coastline, involving employees.

Raise awareness about coastal conservation and encourage customers to participate in clean-up efforts.


1-31 Oct Unblockobter 2024 Promote responsible water usage to employees, including measures to prevent blockages.
1 Oct World Vegetarian Day 2024 Highlight vegetarian meal options in the office cafeteria and encourage employees to try them.
2 Oct World Habitat Day 2024 Support habitat restoration or preservation projects and involve employees in tree planting or landscaping activities.

Educate customers about the importance of habitat preservation and offer habitat-themed products.

4 Oct No Disposable Cup Day 2024 Promote the use of reusable cups and mugs to employees.

Offer discounts to customers who bring their reusable cups or purchase eco-friendly alternatives.

10 Oct World Mental Health Day 2024 Promote mental health awareness and well-being among employees.

Offer resources and support for mental health to customers.

14 Oct International E-Waste Day 2024 Collect and responsibly recycle e-waste from employees and offer e-waste recycling services.

Educate customers on proper e-waste disposal and provide e-waste recycling options.

14-20 Oct Recycle Week 2024 Host recycling-themed events for employees, such as recycling competitions.

Encourage customers to recycle and offer recycling-related promotions.


1-30 Nov World Vegan Month 2024 Promote vegan food options in the office cafeteria throughout the month.
26 Nov World Sustainable Transport Day 2024 Encourage employees to use sustainable transportation options, such as public transport or carpooling.

Promote eco-friendly transportation choices and offer discounts or incentives to customers.


3 Dec International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2024 Ensure accessibility in the workplace and provide support for employees with disabilities.

Offer accessible products or services and promote inclusion to customers.

4 Dec  Carbon Literacy Day 2024 Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint as a business.

Educate customers about carbon literacy and promote carbon-neutral products or services.

5 Dec International Volunteer Day 2024 Encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities.

Support volunteer initiatives and encourage customers to volunteer in their communities.

10 Dec Human Rights Day 2024 Ensure human rights and ethical practices in your supply chain.

Educate customers about your commitment to human rights and ethical sourcing.

Get in touch with us if you want to accelerate your business sustainability in 2024.


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