We’re partnering with Exemplas to deliver the West Yorkshire Business Boost programme

Exemplas, one of the UK’s leading business support providers, has proudly partnered with Sustainable X to deliver a brand-new business support programme in West Yorkshire. West Yorkshire Business Boost, funded by West Yorkshire Combined Authority through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, aims to boost the local economy through tailored support in innovation, export, and leadership services.

This programme will be delivered with a consortium of industry-leading partners to provide local SMEs with the advice, action plans and knowledge they need to add valuable improvements to their businesses. The services will utilise market-leading diagnostic tools that are underpinned by academic research.

The Export service focusses on delivering Export Action Plans to SMEs that are currently exporting or aspire to export, providing them with the technical, geographical and sector-specific knowledge, advice and plans needed to identify and remove existing barriers to export. The service is poised to position and raise the profiles of West Yorkshire businesses on a global level.

The Innovation service works to identify and combat challenges and barriers to growth. Initially conducting a comprehensive assessment, which leads to the development of bespoke Growth & Innovation Action Plans. This service empowers businesses to gain a greater strategic focus, advises on elevating growth potential, and provides the tools necessary for sustained success. It is perfect for SMEs who have an ambition to grow through new products, services or the development of processes to improve their productivity and resilience.

The Leadership service is available to businesses who have benefitted from the Innovation service and will strengthen the support of innovation through businesses by nurturing leadership capabilities. SME leaders will benefit from EQi assessments, personalised Leadership Action Plans, workshops, an exclusive peer network and a dedicated leadership coach. The Leadership service better equips leaders to lead improvements in their businesses and providing access to wider network of business support.

Martin Coats, Operations & Commercial Development Director at Exemplas, said:

“The selection of this consortium reflects Exemplas’ commitment to providing SMEs with the best business support possible. We are confident that together we will be able to deliver meaningful support to West Yorkshire’s SMEs that will be reflected in measurable improvements and a boost in business success in the region.”

Eligible SMEs from every West Yorkshire district can benefit from this government-funded support. Learn more about the programme here: www.wybusinessboost.co.uk



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